What to do with folded carpet?

What to do with carpet folds?

Since when the carpet shrinks, its fibers are broken and stretched, turquoise carpet offers ways to solve this problem in this article:

Use of tools

Power Stretcher is a suitable tool to solve the carpet folding problem.

This tool uses a lever instead of a knee.

There is also a kneeling tool that uses one knee to push or move the carpet into place.


Finding the cause of carpet folding

When you first encounter carpet folding, you should first of all check the cause of this problem and think of a solution to solve it, because if this problem is not dealt with, it can ruin your carpet forever.

Below are solutions for this problem:


Place a heavy object

Place a heavy object on the folded area for several hours, but make sure that this object does not have a sharp part so as not to damage your carpet.


Using carpet glue or carpet brake

In this method, you should stick the back of your carpet to the ground with glue and do not remove the glue from the joint until the folds are opened. Spread the carpet completely and place 2 brakes at the beginning and 2 brakes at the end.

Carpet ironing

Spread a white cloth on the carpet and iron it with a gentle heat. Of course, you should pay attention to the type of carpet and if it is made of nylon derivatives, do not use this method because it can cause the carpet to melt.

Roll the carpet in reverse

Roll the carpet so that the smooth side of the carpet is under your hand.

But be careful to do this because if the back of the carpet is thick, it can cause the carpet to break.


Use of steam

The method that can solve the folding problem of your carpet with the least damage is to use a steam cleaner on the folded part of the carpet.

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