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History of carpets

Due to the progress that takes place day by day in technology and causes continuous changes in people’s lives, carpets and floor coverings could not be produced and used as before and have always had their own evolution.

In this article, we will examine the evolution of carpets and floor coverings from turquoise carpet.


One of the interesting histories that people need to be familiar with is the history of the evolution of carpets in Iran. The history of carpet development in Iran has been as follows:

Mehdi Zarebini, who graduated from Leeds University in 1347, asks his uncle and father to participate in his graduation ceremony.

According to the request that Mehdi Zarebini makes from his father and uncle, they travel to Leeds and Mehdi Zarebini takes his father and uncle to visit the factories that he collected information from during his research.

Ironically, one of those factories was Pai Veter factory, which was engaged in the production of carpets.

Although the Zahrebini family was engaged in iron trade in Iran, but when they visited this factory, they decided to build a similar factory to produce Iranian carpets.

After their return to Iran, the Zarebini family prepares for the construction of the factory and built the factory with the participation of Parvas, which was the first non-woven textile production unit.

The construction factory of Zarebini and Parvas family was the first non-woven carpet production unit in the whole Middle East. In fact, it can be said that Iran surpassed Israel in terms of non-woven carpet production!

When Zarebini Brothers Factory was established, people in Iran had no idea to use the products produced by this factory, that’s why the father of this family, who worked in the field of leather and shoes for a long time, went to his sales agent and He turned all the shoe stores that were associated with him into carpet stores.

The efforts of the Zarebini family continued until 1957 so much that they were able to develop their factory a lot. This was while Mr. Zarebini’s uncle was able to become the largest fiber producer in Europe by immigrating to England.

Zarebini family caused factories to be built in the years 1361 to 1370 to produce high-quality Iranian carpets, which satisfied many consumers.

Today, all kinds of carpets are produced with various designs and uses in turquoise carpet, which can satisfy even the most demanding consumers.




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