Management Statement of Moquette Firouzeh Yazd (Corporation) :

Firouzeh Moquette Yazd Co. (PJS),With the goal of producing non-vowen moquettes,including rib, Patterned or plain random-velour needled, automotive floor needle punched felt, and some other types of nonwoven layersis established in the industrial zone of MEHRIZ. Perspective of management is to produce all kind of moquettes, Patterned and plain nonwoven textile, and automotive floor Covering felt. In this regard, particular attention has been paid to competitive for export markets.

Management and staff of Moquette Firouzeh hereby are committed that:

1- To identify And realize all requirements related to the manufaturing of their products and comply them in order to produce superior quality.

2 - At All Levels of organisation to give top priority to understanding the customer's needs, their satisfaction by positive Interaction with them.

3- Continuously practice to improve business processes at all levels

So Moquette Firouzeh Company to implement these policies has proceeded to create, deploy and maintain quality management system based on ISO9001:2008 standard. The senior management insistence to comply with the standard requirements for all levels of the organization, and expects all of the staff to be required in this direction.