Ministry of Industry, Mining, Trade

Ministry of Industry, Mining, Trade at a Glance

Ministry of trade and industry association and production, mining and trade, beginning in Jhadgvnh motor to achieve the goals of Vision is 20 years old.

Integration of strategic decision-making production - trade under management, while making optimal use of space for national security and integrity of investment in productive policies - trade through conflict, reducing time and administrative activities in alignment policy decisions will result in faster and more effective.

Sectors of the mining industry and commercial experience, such as passing the global financial crisis, as well as law enforcement unprecedented economic sanctions targeting subsidies to a level of maturity for crossing the borders and presence in the international markets achieved.

Now that communicate to produce stimulus originating from trade and commerce, should set the output shaft, protecting the firm's production of substrates for a variety of products, aligning production policies - trade and trade facilitation infrastructure and completion of production - commercial It allows entry of industrial and mineral products in the international markets and the stability they provide.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade plans to move the production to the export or facilitate the export production.

Establish and build an agile and effective ministry is based on the realization that the main assets of the new ministries employ expert valued the principle of meritocracy and are also structures and procedures in engineering open in Undoubtedly an efficient line exaltation the implement step Iran's holy will.

Improving the business environment (production - commercial), preserving the maximum of production systems - existing businesses, increase competitiveness and reduce the cost of industrial and mineral products, to support and promote the development of export-oriented production in some cases the Ministry of Industry, Mines and trade is concerned.

Date: 1399/01/20